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The K.M.C. Cycling Club is a diverse group of people from across the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC) brought together by a common interest in cycling and cycling advocacy. Whether through racing, group rides, community involvement or social events centered on cycling, K.M.C. Cycling's primary purpose is to further the sport of cycling in the KMC, and provide a valuable cycling outlet to its members. We are a not-for-profit organization that values diversity, friendship and, above all, a good ride.
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2014 IMCOM Europe Region Mountain Bike Championship Race Series

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2014 IMCOM Europe Region Mountain Bike Championship Race Series

Post by Zenkem on Mon Mar 24, 2014 11:17 am

10 May USAG Hohenfels, Germany Contact POCs (encl 1)
28 June Aviano Air Base, Italy Contact POCs (encl 1)
29 June USAG Vicenza, Italy Contact POCs (encl 1)
12 July USAG Stuttgart, Germany Contact POCs (encl 1)
20 July USAG Kaiserslautern, Germany Contact POCs (encl 1)
16 August USAG Hohenfels, Germany (Road Race) Contact POCs (encl 1)
06 September Garmisch Mil Comm – Garmisch, Germany Contact POCs (encl 1)

a. Military: Eligibility is open to all US Military ID Card holders that are assigned, attached or on TDY for more than 29 days to units within the jurisdictions of the US Army Installation Management Command (IMCOM) Europe Region, US Air Force Europe, US Navy Europe, US European Command (EUCOM) and retired US military personnel. US Military assigned to NATO installations are also eligible to compete.
b. Civilians: Employees / Adult Family Members / Military Retirees/Contractors: Eligibility is open only to authorized DOD ID card holders. Eligible participants are defined as DOD civilian personnel that are employed full time by an activity within the boundaries of USA IMCOM-Europe, USAFE, USNAVEUR, and USEUCOM, adult family members of military or civilian personnel meeting the above standards and military retirees. US civilians assigned to NATO installations are also eligible to compete.
c. Guests: Per AE Regulation 190-16, paragraph 37b(3), individuals who meet eligibility requirements in paragraph 6a and 6b (above) may sign in a maximum of four individuals to participate in races within this series (either as spectators or as competitors). These non-ID card guests may participate in races within this series, but their performance will not be included with point scoring for this overall USFE MTB Championship Race Series.

7. Categories for competition & participation:
a. Men’s Open (Age 18 and above / 1996 and later)
b. Men’s Senior (Ages 35 to 44 / 1970-1979)
c. Men’s Master (Age 45 and above / 1969 and earlier)
d. Men’s “Clydesdale Open” (Age 18 and above, rider weight of 200 pounds or greater) Participants in this category may not participate in any other category.
e. Women’s Open (Age 18 and above / 1996 and later)
f. Individuals who are eligible for Men’s Seniors or Men’s Masters may choose to compete in a younger age category. However, after competing in a younger category, these individuals may not return to their own category for the remainder of this race series season.
g. Local race hosts may include beginner and/or youth race categories in order to promote recreational mountain bike activities and increase overall event participation. Locations that include additional categories should consider the following age groups, with shorter racing distance for each level:2 bambino (under 10), bantam (10-12), junior (13-15), senior youth (16-17), and adult (18 and above). Hosts should partner with garrison and/or air base Child, Youth, & School Services (CYSS) program managers to assist with conducting these racing categories. The USFE Series will not track youth results.
h. Per Paragraph 9b(1), local race hosts may arrange categories and age groups based on local market potential.
i. To encourage new participants, local organizers may include a novice event that features a shorter distance for adult riders. Similar to youth races, any novice events will not score points into the USFE series.

8. Championship Series Point System: Please refer to Enclosure 2.
a. At each race, finish place of individuals within each category will determine the number of points that the series point system awards to each participant. The point system is an adjustable scale that awards points based on the number of participants in a given category (see enclosure 2). There will always be a 5 pt. spread between 1st & 2nd place, 3 pts between 2nd & 3rd place, 2 pts between 3rd & 4th place and 1pt. spreads sequentially through the last place in the group ending with 3 pts. Points accumulated during all events in this series will determine the “U.S. Forces Europe Series” champion for each respective category.
b. Tie-breaker criteria are as follows for season-end ties in total points:
(1) The number of series events that the tied individuals participated in.
(2) If necessary, by finish position in the last race before the championship race.
(3) If necessary, an additional lap of the final event race course by both individuals.

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