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Duathlon training schedule

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Duathlon training schedule Empty Duathlon training schedule

Post by velo-doc Mon Dec 20, 2010 9:56 am

We are 12 weeks away from the Trierer X-duathlon (March 13th), which I posted on the Calendar. I will be starting a more structured duathlon training schedule and will post the workouts here. For now I will post 1 week at a time. Let me know if you need more advance notice and I will post further out. It would be nice to get some people together for Saturday brick workouts and I am flexible on the location, as long as the “host” has a good course to do it on. Hope to see you out there.

This program is aimed at an intermediate duathlete, so if you are a beginner, you should adjust the training accordingly. You can decrease the number of days you train, and or the time/distances each day. This is posted here as a template. I will not be following the schedule exactly, but will adjust the workouts as need to fit my schedule.
As always…train and race at your own risk. If you’re over 40, then go see your doctor before starting an exercise regimen. Don’t call me if you hurt yourself because I am a skin doctor…go the ER!

Mon 20 Dec: 30 min run. Heart rate in zones 1-2 on a gently rolling course. Check cadence: count left foot strikes 15 seconds. Goal is 21 plus.

Tue 21 Dec: 1 hr ride done mostly at an easy effort in zones 1-2. Insert 20 minutes in the middle in zones 2-4. If your fitness is good then spend more time in zones 3-4.

Wed 22 Dec: 45 min run. 15 minute warm-up, then 20 minutes on a rolling course in zone 3 (medium effort). Do the remainder of the run in zones 1-2 (easier effort).

Thur 23 Dec: 1 hr ride. Ride primarily in zones 1-2. Include 2X8 minutes spinning at a high cadence (100+rpm). Three minutes of riding at a normal cadence in between the 8 minute intervals.

Fri 24 Dec: Rest day

Sat 25 Dec: Merry Christmas…great day for a brick! 1 hour 20min brick. Easy 1hr bike followed immediately by an easy 20 minute run.

Sunday 26 Dec: 1hr 10min easy run in heart rate zones 1-2 (if you do not have a running base, then adjust the time/distance accordingly)

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Duathlon training schedule Empty Re: Duathlon training schedule

Post by krocko1 Mon Dec 20, 2010 11:57 am

Love the plan!

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