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The K.M.C. Cycling Club is a diverse group of people from across the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC) brought together by a common interest in cycling and cycling advocacy. Whether through racing, group rides, community involvement or social events centered on cycling, K.M.C. Cycling's primary purpose is to further the sport of cycling in the KMC, and provide a valuable cycling outlet to its members. We are a not-for-profit organization that values diversity, friendship and, above all, a good ride.
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WANTED/BORROW: 60+ cm Road Bike

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WANTED/BORROW: 60+ cm Road Bike Empty WANTED/BORROW: 60+ cm Road Bike

Post by powerpro369 on Sun Sep 02, 2012 4:08 pm

Here is a huge stretch but I am going to make a go for it anyways. I am a pretty tall dude (6'6") that has a pretty hard time finding things that fit me properly. When I do, they tend to be very costly. This is hard to get past the wife sometimes... Anyways, I have never tried road riding but would like to. Thing is...I don't want to spend a forturne trying out another sport I am unsure of. I would like it mostly for commuting purposes and the occassional exercise option with the hopes that it becomes a thorough enjoyment to expand on.

What am I looking for? It doesn't matter. It could be vintage, modern, nice, ugly, borrowed. The key is to keep it cheap or free. If borrowed, I am looking for a week or two. Borrowing is a stretch, even for me. I don't expect most to be willing to loan a bike out to a complete stranger as I probably would not. I am just looking to find a way into this sport w/o killing the bank account.

I have looked at bikesdirect and other very reasonable online bike stores. My thought is, if there is someone out there in KMCcycling land that can help out then I have to give it a try. I would perfer to purchase a better quality bike later if I like it as opposed to a not so nice on now and then another one later on.

That was a lot of talking just to ask for some help finding/borrowing a bike. Thanks for your consideration....


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