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New to Baumholder in Dec 2015

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New to Baumholder in Dec 2015

Post by angelakempe on Wed Jan 07, 2015 3:34 am

My husband just found out that we will be moving to Baumholder Dec 2015. It has always been my dream to ride at least part way across Europe and I'm thinking a great ride would be from Baumholder to Paris in 2016. I'm just looking to link up with other cyclists who might want to spend a couple weeks riding it. Especially interested in other female riding buddies! And if you know of other similar rides, I would love the information.
Also, I'm seeing a lot of mountain bike only, can you road bike in the Baumholder area?

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Re: New to Baumholder in Dec 2015

Post by Zenkem on Wed Jan 07, 2015 8:00 am

Welcome to KMC Cycling!!!  Our active membership has drastically tapered off over the last couple of years where a majority of the Road Riders have become few and far between.  Because of the area in which we live MTBing has always had a strong presence.  Maybe with more folks such as yourself joining the Group we can bring our number back to a respectable level.  I personally don't have a Road Bike but have been entertaining the idea of getting one, then I would be really be interested in the types of Rides you speak of.  Also, you can look us up on Facebook where it seems folks are more responsive to rides and information.  Happy Trails!!!

"If your day job keeps you from riding as much as you'd like, you aren't as fast as you think you are."


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Re: New to Baumholder in Dec 2015

Post by RobB on Fri Jan 09, 2015 7:09 pm

There are a few of us road riders over here. The cycling around Baumholder is fantastic.  If you are on Strava, use the "segment explore" feature to see many segments in the area.  Bring your climbing legs and gears with you.  It's not unusual to climb over 1000-1400 feet for every ten miles you ride. I haven't seen that many female riders over here though.  If your bike is here in July, you should consider doing this ride on Germany's famous Nurburgring race track:  http://www.nuerburgring.de/en/events-tickets/concerts-sports/rad-run-am-ring.html.  I did it last year. Lots of fun, hard climbs, 50 plus mile an hour descents, and no vehicle traffic.  I will be there this year again.

I would like to do a week long ride before I leave in 2017.  I am thinking about doing the Rhein River from Basel, Switzerland to Rotterdam, The Netherlands.  

If you have any questions about road riding here please let me know


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Re: New to Baumholder in Dec 2015

Post by 1Rodger on Mon Jan 12, 2015 6:07 pm

Hola Angle

You will find out that you can ride every and any road in Europe that you please - when you get here.

In the mean time learn and practice riding your cycle as if it had a motor and License Plates. Learn how
The Hand/ Arm Signals are to be used and of course --- having mirrors and lights. I am sure another
may add the latest of the latest of this part.

There are a lot of Cycle Touring done all across Europe. To ride Recumbent Trikes is considered A OK also.

Rodger & Gabby

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Re: New to Baumholder in Dec 2015

Post by 1Rodger on Wed Feb 11, 2015 4:45 pm

Hola ( again ) Angie

In Europe there are a lot of cyclist who Tour. Not so much from The American Rider's. The "classic" diamond framed bikes have been down
in sales for several years now. The Recumbent Bikes and more so The Recumbent Trikes are becoming The Way To Go.

There are Recumbent Makers that say "...next" and there are Recumbent Maker's that are like AZUB that say " ... how can we assist you".

Using YouTube - type in Le voyage de le Fameuhly . There are four segments.

Rodger and Gabby

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Re: New to Baumholder in Dec 2015

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